About Us

Who We Are

Situated on beautiful Mount Carmel, the Technion Turbo & Jet Engine Laboratory, headed by Assoc. Professor Yeshayahou Levy is an integral part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and the Aeronautical Research Center of the Technion R&D Foundation Ltd. The research team at the Turbo & Jet Engine Laboratory comes from diverse backgrounds and is involved in theory and experiments as well as education about various aspects of jet engine and gas turbines.

The multiple research projects are conducted in cooperation with local as well as international participants from industry, research institutes and universities and are financed by organizations such as the European Union and local and overseas government grants. {A growing core of academics, with diverse backgrounds – Israeli, US and UK educated research staff and new immigrant scientists from the former USSR and technical staff with background and knowledge in fields related directly or indirectly to jet engines contribute a great deal to the research capabilities}. Permanent staff currently includes about 10 people with a similar number of graduate students.

What We Do

The Turbo and Jet Engine laboratory serves as a center of excellence for several gas turbine and jet engine related subjects. For example combustion and control, two subjects with active and successful ongoing research programs. The Government has recognized the importance and potential of the laboratory for its development programs related to jet engines and has invested within the last 2 years significant amounts in specific instrumentations, which amount to about 450,000 US$.

Activities within the laboratory are also related to international collaboration, mainly with European industries and research institutes. The laboratory is collaborating in an international research program – FLOXCOM through a European Consortium where it also act as the Coordinator for the consortium of seven additional institutes from five EU countries. The FLOXCOM objectives are mainly focused on minimizing the emission of pollutants (NOx) and on improving the operating stability of low emission gas turbine combustors. These projects require large experimental efforts carried out in the well-equipped and modern laboratory. The Turbo and Jet Engine Laboratory encourages and stimulates continued international collaboration with leading scientists from around the globe, and serves as a center of excellence for national (and hopefully even international) combustion, compressor dynamics and control related research work.

Our Mission

The mission of the Technion’s Turbo & Jet Engine Laboratory is to facilitate the performance of reliable theoretical and experimental research and development work in the field of jet engines and gas turbines, for small and large-sized engines. The laboratory is an integral part of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Technion and as such supports the basic studies of the undergraduate students and serves as a test bench for postgraduates and post doctorate personnel. The laboratory, being the sole one in Israel, serves as a center of knowledge and support for the relevant local industries. It hosts the Annual Israeli Jet Engine Symposium with typically about 100 participants taking part.



      • Visit our new AIJES conference web site: http://aijes.net.technion.ac.il/  which contains updated content including a summary of all our former conventions, including programs, presentations, books of abstracts etc.