Computational (CFD)

  • SGI work station (Octane #R10,000, 500 MB internal memory, 11 GB Hard Disk)
  • SGI work station (Octane #R12,000, 500 MB internal memory, 90 GB Hard Disk)
  • SGI Origin 200, with 4 parallel R12,000 processors, 2.0 GB internal memory.
  • SGI Origin 2000, with 12 parallel processors (University central computer)
  • STAR-CD computer code from Computational Dynamics (UK) for parallel processing of 3D transient 2 phase flows with chemical reaction.CHEMKIN GRIDGEN automatic grid (mesh) generation computer code
Meshed model of 36 degrees sector of the combustion chamber
Grid of 36 degrees of the
reversed flow annular combustor
Results of CFD simulation of temperatue distribution on the combustor liner
Wall temperature prediction
of the combustor