Current Projects

  • Development of Optical Techniques FOR the Measurement of flow Velocity, Temperature and Spray characteristic.
  • Laser spectroscopy (Raman & LIF ) for optical Measurements of combustion gas composition
  • Suppression Of Spray Combustion Instability In Jet Engine And Ramjet Combustor
  • FLOXCOM – Flameless Oxidation For Low Nox Emission Gas Turbine Combustor
  • Numerical And Experimental Investigation For Small Gas Turbine Combustors
  • Jet Engine Performance – Simulation and Control
  • Rotating Stall and Compressor Aerodynamic Stability
  • Simulation and Control of Jet Engine Dynamics
  • Novel Atomization System Development For Jet Engines and Gas Turbines
  • Experimental Investigation Of Blood Flow in Capillary Tubes
3D model of the experimental combustion chamber
Picture of experimental combustion chamber
Sector of the FLOXCOM Model Combustor